Biomedical Engineering Science Network (BengJBSEN Network)

The main purpose of the Biomedical Engineering Science Network is to bring all those who involved in Biomedical Engineering field together in a scientific environment. This Network allows any “Biomedical Engineering Scientist” from all around the world to become a registered user, although proof of their activity in this field is required.

After registration, delegates may create a Personal Portfolio, add other delegates, send messages, post scientific updates and share case problems and questions. Additionally, the delegates can participate in many scientific discussions, quizzes and consensus surveys.

Why it is called BengJBSEN Network?

"JBSEN" is the registered name for all the Scientific Networks founded bu "JBS Experts LLC". In order to differentiate between different Networks, a prefix showing the special field of that network is added to "JBSEN". So, the "Biomedical Engineering Science Network" is called "BengJBSEN".

Who can join BengJBSEN Network?

Any “Biomedical Engineering Scientist” and all other delegates who are involved in this field (Researchers, Device designers and manufacturers and Pharmaceutical producers) from all around the world are allowed to join this network. All those delegates who are a well-known activist in the mentioned fields are invited and truly welcome to join the network. Their well-known activity is their proof.

But in order to keep the network absolutely related to “Biomedical Engineering”, other delegates need to confirm their activity in the mentioned fields. For this confirmation, these delegates should first sign up for membership. While their membership becomes “pending chairman authorization”, the BengJBSEN Network team will assess his/her field of specialty according to his/her reputation. Once his/her specialty in “Biomedical Engineering Science” has been approved (which usually will take less than 24 hours), the delegate is authorized as a registered user of the network and can access all the corners of the network. This authentication process is only for your confidence that all those who you have contact with in this media are your colleague and you can share your ideas with them confidentially.